Tyco’s experience and expertise makes it possible to combine multiple security and safety systems into a single integrated solution, providing operators with a sole graphical user-interface to monitor your business more efficiently. Integration of these systems extends the life and effectiveness of your current services and provides a flexible platform for future growth and expansion allowing multi-site monitoring and incorporating new technologies to future proof your system. Giving you the benefit of more control over your business and providing benefits for staff, clients and the public with improved comfort, safety and security.

Tyco technical experts can design a bespoke solution based on a “defence in depth” principle, with a “multi-layered approach” to manage risk with diverse strategies. Each layer of security offers different countermeasures to Deter, Detect, Delay and Deny. This is far more effective than a single barrier – if one layer of defence is overcome then the next layer can prevent a full breach. The success of this multi-layered approach depends on effective integration, and an overall command and control system. Tyco’s integrated solution uses information from each layer of security to build up a full ‘situational awareness’ picture of the incident, and to detect, track and record threats for both real-time response and historical analysis.

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Benefits of Integration

  • An integrated solution can assimilate data from multiple systems, analyse it, and provide actionable insights into how to run your business safer – and smarter – than ever before.
  • Integration provides a more streamlined work environment for your employees and an improved experience for your customers. Your entire business runs more efficiently, and you feel the power of controlling your world.
  • Faster & better-informed operator response to situations.
  • Alarm verification through data correlation from multiple systems, leading to targeted response and fewer false-alarms.
  • More efficient facilities management and reduced energy consumption.
  • Centralised multi-site monitoring.
  • Reduced operating costs.
  • Automated data-analysis and business intelligence.
  • Powerful and flexible reports for auditable compliance.
  • Scalable open-system platform future proofed for expansion and new technology.
  • Resilience and redundancy for reduced downtime and disaster recovery.

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