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When considering a new security system for your business there are a wide choice of standalone products and services available to you. Considering an integrated system at this time allows you to select products that will integrate together via their manufactures or a third party solution. The term Integrated System is often used to mean a wide variety of solutions – from hard wired interconnectivity, IP network links between security and life safety systems to a fully integrated package where a manufacturer has developed software links to their own and/or third party applications.

Tyco offers a broad range of solutions for a variety of market sectors and client applications. At the core of our solution offering is our in-depth knowledge and integration expertise.

Our technologies include fire detection, intruder, CCTV, high-end access control systems, software integration platforms, video walls.

Security Systems

Security systems are changing at an ever-increasing pace and are now using as standard Information Technology(IT) products to communicate over Local Area Network (LAN) or Wide Area Network (WAN) on a daily basis. This has lead to more integration as standard between various security products – access control, video, intruder etc.

Physical Security Information Management

Physical Security Information Management, (PSIM), is the next step in integration from the ‘entry level’ SMS (Security Management System) linking of standard security platforms using maybe the access control or video software.

Most PSIM solutions are from 3rd party suppliers, not within the general security product market which allows them to work in a truly unbiased manner with all solution providers. In general they are from the IT market and bring together their knowledge of this sector adding another layer to the physical security world.

See our “Protect your Business” section for more information on our Integrated Solution products and systems.

Benefits of Solutions

  • Ease of Use - An integrated life-safety/Security system can provide increased efficiency, and incorporate additional features such as floor plans, real-time images, and alarm procedures to meet your companies work instructions

  • Operational & Cost Efficiency - System integration can reduce overheads, increase efficiency and most importantly prioritise multiple events based on your decisions - not those of the operators on a timed bases

  • Data Integrity and Protection - Today’s sophisticated IT and data security capabilities are absolutely critical when fire, emergency communications, security and other life-safety systems are integrated

How We Can Help

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