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Whether you simply want to restrict access to identified users, provide a means of controlling visitors rather than letting them walk into your premises unannounced or let you know they are at an access controlled door, a door entry system is a simple means of achieving this. Providing audio or audio and video identification of the caller before you allow access, without the need to walk to the entrance or even having to ‘face’ the caller.

Solutions can be easily installed with a range of entry panels to meet the number of users, departments or apartments. These can be provided with wall or desk mounted monitors and handsets. Or if you wish to use IP telephony or your IT system allowing calls to be answered using your existing desk IP telephone or PC workstation. Systems can also be provided with a mobile app so that you can respond to callers whilst around the premises or away from site.

Audio Door Entry Solutions

Door entry systems are used to enable the occupier to identify visitors and verify their reason for entry.

Control of entry to the premises means greater security of the building which gives more assurance to the tenants, and is coupled with the convenience of automatically opening remote doors.

Basic operation is by the activation of a push button at a Door Entry Station. This connects the visitor to the occupier by providing audio and visual communication. The identity of the caller can then be established and the door opened remotely by push button on the internal handset.

For the convenience of the occupiers, coded access, card swipe or proximity entry can be provided at the Door Entry Panel to give direct access.

Video Door Entry Solutions

We offer a wide range of Audio/Video door entry solutons. In addition to the audio identification of a caller the built in camera allows you to identify the call and potentially see if they are alone or with others before granting entry. Images are often stored for later review should you be away when the caller tried to gain access.

Hard wired solutions are available for both new and replacement systems. Often we are able to take over the existing wiring if it is both electrically and mechanically sound.

However, the market is always looking to reduce costs and increase the ROI of exiting systems. We are therefore using existing IT networks to communicate between the door entry panel and the customers existing PCs workstations etc.

We can also provide a solution to interface with IP telephony allowing door entry calls to be answered on the existing desk phone.

Benefits of Door Entry

  • A range of audio/audio video entry panels to suit the environment

  • Wall or desk mounted handsets/monitors

  • Optional hands-free internal units for ease of use (subject to the environment)

  • IP telephony solutions for VoIP

  • IT solutions available for reduced installation disturbance and best ROI

How We Can Help

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