Care communication systems is a series of solutions dedicated to meeting the needs of today’s healthcare environment from Tyco’s Zettler brand.

Our mission is also to help hospitals save time and money through driving efficiencies with a single platform; a combination makes Tyco almost unique in the marketplace.

Please note that our real time location systems are commissioned in conjunction with our specialist partner in this field – RTLS Communications Ltd.

Benefits of Care Communications

  • Leaders in Safety and Efficiency

  • Wide Range of Interchangeable Solutions

  • Over 12,000 Worldwide Installations

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Nurse Call Systems

We provide a series of Nurse Call solutions dedicated to meeting the needs of today’s healthcare environment. We focus on the safety and integrity of our nurse call system – fundamental aspects in respect of HTM 0803.

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Panic Alarms

Alarms can be raised using fixed point type panic buttons or via portable transmitter units for staff on the move. Pressing the button causes the system to raise an ‘assistance’ call along with the location of the incident, ensuring a swift response. The user may raise a higher level of alarm by tugging the unit away from its holder.

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Tyco Real Time Location Solutions

We establish a clinical-grade standard by combining safe, invisible infrared (IR) light and the communication capabilities of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). This provides the most precise locating technology available to healthcare.

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Emergency Voice Communication Systems

An emergency voice communication (EVC) system allows firefighters and others to communicate with one another during emergency situations. The system also allows communication with disabled persons and refuge areas.

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Disabled Toilet Alarms

Our easy-to-install Disabled Toilet Alarm systems can be quickly installed without any fuss and complies with the appropriate standards.

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Infant Protection System

Our Infant Protection Systems prevent accidental baby switching and confirms that the mother is with the correct baby. They support multiple births (twins, triplets etc.) and match tests can be activated by mother or a staff member.

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Wandering Alarm

Accurate and real time location RFID location tracking that offers peace of mind when a vulnerable service users require assistant or enters predefined unsafe area i.e. stairs and exit ways or even unauthorised rooms.

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Cell Call Systems

Tyco’s Cell Call Systems includes historical system event recording, with all system activity logged, together with the date and time.

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