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Mother/Baby Matching Infant Protection System – For Extra Peace of Mind

Our Infant Protection Systems prevent accidental baby switching and confirms that the mother is with the correct baby. They support multiple births (twins, triplets etc.) and match tests can be activated by mother or a staff member.

High Security Tamper Alert

Our baby tagging system includes automatic location notification upon any unauthorised attempt to remove the bracelet from the protected baby – even if submerged in water.

Flexible Baby Escort Options

Permits the regular movement of mothers, staff and visitors in and out of protected hospital units, while preventing unauthorised infant transfers.

If you’re looking for infant security systems, then you’ve found the right solution.

Highly Scalable Tag Capacity

Protects and monitors as many babies, mothers, plus staff and family members as required without risk to infant safety.

High Accuracy Location

Unlike many other RTLS technologies we employ precision Low Frequency (LF) sensors combined with radio (RF) beacon technology to deliver location accuracy and further peace of mind.

User Friendly Software

Intuitive and simple software screens that enable staff to enroll and personalise new tags, track tag locations, monitor alerts, temporarily deactivate bracelets and discharge babies.

Advanced System Supervision

Contains comprehensive device and software supervision with robust event audit and system log options.

Benefits of Infant Protection Systems

  • Highly scalable tag capacity

  • Secure mother/baby matching

  • Tag tamper alerting

  • Flexible baby escort options

  • Real Time Location Technology

  • High grade location granularity

  • Easy-to-use software

  • Advanced system supervision

  • Upgradable and scalable

  • Backend integration

  • System reliability

  • Smartphone security applications

  • International safety compliance

  • Integrates with nurse call, wanderer alarm, staff attack, access control, CCTV and door entry

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