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Wandering Alarm Real-time User Safety and Location

Accurate and real time location RFID location tracking that offers peace of mind when a vulnerable service users require assistant or enters predefined unsafe area i.e. stairs and exit ways or even unauthorised rooms.

Configurable Safe Zones

Protects vulnerable users from areas that may be of risk such as stairways and exit doors. By using short range invisible perimeter sensors, the system will notify staff when a user enters these defined areas.

Visitor and Staff Escort

Allows wanderer restriction-free access when escorted by authorised staff members. The ‘Wait for Escort’ feature suppresses alarms if the monitored person arrives at the exit before the escorting staff member. This reduces false alarms.

Dementia Alarm - Superior Reliability

By employing a series of distributed local intelligent controls, we ensure that residents remain protected even when a network segment or the host server is offline.

Flexible Integration

Integration with fire detection, access control and CCTV systems to provide real time and post incident analysis. We interface to our nurse call system as well.

Easy to Install, Use and Scale

Flexible installation options that can use dedicated or existing cable network infrastructure.

Real time interactive screens and easy to use software application enable quick and easy implementation.

Benefits of Wandering Alarms

  • Real-time user safety and location

  • Configurable safe zones

  • Visitor and staff escort

  • Superior reliability

  • Flexible integration

  • Easy to install, use and scale

  • Triple Tech Safety Technology

How We Can Help

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