At Tyco, our approach to confined space management is simple and is driven by the desire to prevent accidents from occurring. Our experienced on-site managers, supervisors and rescue teams set the benchmark for confined space safety.

We have over fifteen years experience working in and with confined spaces, providing services to clients from the Oil and Gas, Power, Pharmaceutical and Waste Management industries, among many others.

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Benefits of Confined Space Entry, Management and Support

  • On-site Confined Space Management

  • Experienced Confined Space Managers

  • Fully Managed Service

  • Confined Space Supervisors and Safety Observers

  • Atmosphere Monitoring

How We Can Help

On-site Confined Space Management

Tyco have unrivalled experience of providing confined space entry management and support.This involves knowing where the confined spaces exist, understanding and categorising their risk and managing the work within those spaces. Essentially, creating a safe system of work for confined spaces and overseeing the implementation of those plans.

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Confined Space Supervisors and Safety Observers

Even where you have on-site Managers and Rescue Teams, you may identify a need for additional support and assistance. Tyco can provide this support.

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Atmosphere Monitoring

Confined space regulations advise testing and monitoring of the atmosphere in a confined space prior to entry and whilst work is being undertaken.

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Confined Space Entry Training

Everyone involved in confined space work including managers, supervisors, safety observers and entrants require an awareness and understanding of the Confined Space Regulations, especially the need to avoid entry to confined spaces if at all possible.

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Rescue Team Management, Support and Training

Under the confined space regulations, your business is legally required to have a set of emergency arrangements in the event of an accident for those working in temporary or permanent confined spaces.

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Confined Space Consultancy

At Tyco, our specialists can help you identify these spaces, and work with you to develop safe systems of work, ensuring optimum safe practice. We provide complete tailored solutions specific to each of our clients requirements.

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