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MZX technology offers a range of panels from a single loop to 8 loops. Each panel has a one thousand address capacity and is configurable up to 240 zones. Panels can be easily networked by adding a network card. An MZX network can be extended up to 99 panels with panels interacting with each other where required. The network is a true peer to peer network which remains unaffected by a single node failure. Furthermore failure of any panel’s main processor will not inhibit transmission of any fire alarm or fault signal from that panel across the network to a designated panel’s zonal display. Networks can be created using a wide range of cable types or fibre optics.

The network will support the Tyco Expert Graphics (TXG), Emergency Management System and Graphical User Interface. The system provides annunciation, status display and control for the MZX network either to a single or multiple stations. Multiple stations are connected as true clients of the dedicated primary station, (server) and can be on the clients own network if desired. TXG is windows based system which uses a combination of symbols, floor plans, pictures, text, voice messages and video input to display events and create actions for the operator. TXG is user friendly and simplifies the operator’s actions, saving valuable time in an emergency.

MZX Technology Networks

MZXNet allows MZX fire controllers to be drawn into a network system. Because every installation is different, MZX Technology Networks have been designed to be highly flexible, allowing for a wide range of different systems applications.

With a large network system the amount of data and information passing between fire controllers can become high during an emergency condition.

The MZX Technology Network communication protocol has been specifically designed with this in mind and ensures that each event message passed around the network is acknowledged by the receiving controller in the fastest possible time.

Third Party Interfaces

When Fire alarm systems have to be interfaced to a third party’s system such as BMS, there are no specials with MZX technology. The MZX to BACnet interface provides high level communication between the fire alarm and building automation systems. The BACnet client will display both point and zone events together with various system statuses and analogue detector values. The system also supports commands thereby providing a seamless bidirectional interface.

A MODBUS interface also exists for the MZX network allowing connection via a number of protocols to the third party system. Multiple units can be interconnected within a single system. The module has on-board relays which can be configured as inputs to the MZX system plus a number of supervised inputs whose status can be read from the MODBUS map.

TXG Tyco Expert Graphics

TXG Tyco Expert Graphics is based on a graphical alarm monitoring system that has been installed on hundreds of large fire detection and alarm monitoring systems around the world.

It provides annunciation, status display, and control for MZX networks incorporating latest MZX Technology™ fire detection. It also supports the ZETTLER fire detection systems thus ensuring that future updates to MZX technology™ can be accommodated.

TXG is a Microsoft Windows® based graphical interface with a high resolution, colour display. Responsive on-screen buttons with configurable icons provide control switches specific to the operation being performed. Utilizing a combination of symbols, floor plans, pictures, text, voice messages and video input, TXG displays the precise location and gives instructions on what emergency action should be taken. A detailed map of the area affected can be printed automatically for use by personnel responding to an emergency. Prompt response to a fire emergency, with the correct action, provides the opportunity to reduce financial loss and greatly improve safety.

Benefits of MZX Networks

  • Allows MZX Fire Controllers to be “seamlessly” networked together

  • True peer-to-peer communications; no host or master controller required

  • Highly resilient, node failure open and short circuit does not affect remaining network

  • Designed to comply with BS5839:Pt. 4: 1998

  • Up to 99 controllers may be used on the network

  • Wide range of cable topography supported

  • Network can use standard 1.5mm MICC cable

Benefits of Tyco Expert Graphics

  • Provides annunciation, status display, and control in both normal and emergency situations

  • Developed by Tyco specifically to provide monitoring and control of fire protection life safety systems

  • Supports a range of fire detection systems (Minerva® MZX, Minerva®, Simplex 4100 range, Zettler Zetfas, Wormald PBS16 and Tyco Fast 2000)

  • Multiple workstations can be configured for specific functions or redundant operation

  • Single monitor or two monitor (text and graphics) support at each workstation

  • Link up with I.P. CCTV camera systems, no additional wiring, reduced installation cost for a fully integrated fire / CCTV system

  • Compatible with Flamevision® FV300 array based IR flame detectors with built in CCTV

  • MZX Hotspot, chromatic analogue display. Programmable tracking of analogue values changes display colour in response to changes in analogue value from a selected number of MZX devices

  • Trending diagrams of analogue values helps reduce maintenance time and cost

  • Export analogue values to Excel for in depth analysis

  • Audio descriptions of screens can be played when they are displayed or played when an event occurs

  • High level user interface allows end user to make changes to point attributes and layout further reducing lifetime cost of ownership

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