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Through Safeguard Technology, Tyco provide aggressive Hi-Traction Safety Covers for use on Steps, Walkways, Decks and Ladder Rungs on Offshore Oil and Gas Drilling and Production Platforms, ensuring slip prevention in even the most hazardous, wet, slippery and oily environments.

Step Covers

Gain better footing in your industry and help prevent slips and falls. To avoid downtime and costly medical payments to workers and pedestrians.

Non-corrosive and impact-resistant, Safeguard Covers offer a superior alternative to temporary coatings and tapes. Designed with a long-lasting, aggressive grit surface, our products are proven to provide anti-slip protection in a variety of environments.

Walkways & Platforms

Hi-Traction Walkway covers enable you to create non-skid flooring surfaces for many different areas where slips and falls can pose hazards.

Ladder Rungs

Ladders are one of the most dangerous locations for any worker as the foot surface area is small and needs to have excellent traction.

Safeguard has two styles of slip resistant Ladder Rung Cover - “channel shaped” and “half-round”, both of which fit easily over the rung. The “half-round” cover is available in pultruded FRP (fibreglass) only. Both styles can be installed using adhesive or mechanical fastners (over hollow rungs). Metal Ladder Rung Covers can be tack welded to metal rungs.

Pipe & Cable Covers

Safeguard covers act as a bridge, effectively concealing the utilities and pipework underneath while ensuring safe traction on the surface. Safeguard Pipe and Cable covers feature a rugged moulded composite polymer construction that has been tested to withstand up to 1,000 pounds. They are corrosion resistant and flame retardant.

Benefits of Anti-Slip Products

  • Complete anti-slip solution for Onshore and Offshore Oil & Gas facilities

  • Tailor Made products to meet clients specifications 

How We Can Help

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