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Tyco is the industry’s foremost specialist safety service company, offering you one point of contact for all Breathing Air Service requirements.

Working with reputable manufacturers to provide the highest standard and most up to date technology, Tyco ensure that clients are provided with the best service, training and supply of breathing apparatus covering airline working, rescue and escape demonstrating a proven performance and a history of safe working in potentially high-risk environments.

A Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)

A Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) is a device worn by first responders, firefighters, industrial workers and others to provide breathable air in environments that are Immediately Dangerous to Life and Health (IDLH). The term “Self-Contained” differentiates SCBA from other apparatus connected to a remote supply by a long hose.

Airline Respirators

An Airline Respirator (also called an Air-Supplied Respirator or Supplied Air Respirator, SAR) is a respirator that is connected to a source of compressed breathing air (such as an air cart or stationary system) via a high-pressure hose. The air is delivered continuously or intermittently in a sufficient volume to meet the wearer’s breathing requirements.

Air Purifying Respirators

Air purifying respirators use cartridge or canisters constructed of carbon or paper-based filters to remove contaminants or particles from non-IDLH (Immediately Dangerous to Life and Health) environments. Air purifying respirators that rely on the user’s inhalation to draw the ambient air over the filters are called negative pressure air purifying respirators. Those that utilise a blower to pull the ambient air through the filters and then push it to the user are called Powered Air Purifying Respirators. Air-Purifying Respirators have numerous applications from construction and automotive repair to Pharmaceutical and Oil production.

Full Facemask Respirators

The key to our advanced facepieces is Top Down Convertibility. A single facepiece. A single fit test. That’s all it takes. This provides a single, full-facepiece solution for all applications while minimising inventory costs and training time.

Half Mask Respirators

Our wide range of half masks include twin and single filter masks. All filters are replaceable for cost-effectiveness. Scott half masks provide comfortable protection in a wide range of applications, from chemical treatment to agriculture. A choice of sizes each with fully adjustable anatomic fit and in skin-friendly materials ensures wearer comfort and safety.

Powered Air Purifying Respirator

Tyco has a Powered Respiratory Solution to suit your application. We offer a complete range of Powered Respirators and Airline equipment all of which have been designed with intelligence, comfort, versatility and safety in mind. Scott Safety’s Proflow SC’s ergonomic design incorporates a curved backplate which ensures user comfort even for long periods.

Filters / Canisters / Cartridges

We offer an extensive range of filters for half masks, full face masks and powered air equipment. The filters are all CE marked and approved to current EN standards plus additional international approvals.

Filters should not be used in atmospheres immediately dangerous to life, in confined spaces or in atmospheres deficient in oxygen (less than 19.5%). The service life of a filter depends on, the concentration and characteristics of the workplace contaminant, filter capacity, i.e. filter class, compare workplace concentrations to test values and air humidity and temperature

Chemical Re-Breathers

The Chemical Oxygen Self Rescuer is a self-contained respiratory escape device. It is ideal for all escape applications wherever toxic gases, particles or oxygen deficiency.

The principle uses potassium superoxide (KO²) in conjunction with exhaled gas (mostly CO²) and through a chemical process generates oxygen for the users’ consumption. Due to this the sets are light and more compact.

Benefits of Breathing Air Systems

  • Specialists in the manufacture and supply of SCBA equipment

  • Disposable masks

  • Reusable Masks

  • Half Face Masks

  • Full Face Masks

  • Battery Driven Air fed Full Face Masks

  • Air Line Fed Full Face Masks

  • SCBA

How We Can Help

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