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Ensuring the safety of employees is paramount to the Oil and Gas Industry. In environments that are specialised and hazardous, Tyco can provide fall protection solutions that meet the needs of customers in a variety of workplaces.

Fall Arrest Harnesses

We understand the diversity of work environments where harnesses would be used and how the processes and technology evolve. The industry itself is always innovating with new procedures and materials designed to meet those demands.

Employees work in multiple scenarios where safety is foremost on the job and there is a vast amount of harnesses available that offer the suitable protection with the best value.

The range includes the Exofit™XP, Exofit™, Delta™ II, Pro™ and the Duraflex Harness.

Energy Absorbing Lanyards

Fall arrest equipment will not prevent a fall from occurring but will provide a means of attachment to an anchor that has an energy absorbing capacity which limits the impact on a person during fall arrest.

A variety of energy absorbing lanyards, ropes, fall restraint harnesses and guard rails are available.

The range icludes the Sala Energy Absorbing Lanyards, Expander Elastic system, Webbing, Rope, EZ-Stop II Tie-back Lanyard, Sky Energy Absorbing Lanyard, Protecta Shock Absorbing Lanyards, Edge Shock-Absorbing Lanyard and the Barracuda Scaffolding Manyard.

Tripods and Davits

Tripods and Davits are used as a temporary anchorage device for entry into confined spaces whether it is in an Offshore, Industrial or Marine application and comes in a variety of designs to meet the desired application.

The range includes the Advanced 5-piece hoist systems and the Aluminium Tripod

Winches and Hoists

The winch provides a safe way to raise, lower and support workers and materials while working in a confined entry space. Confined space rescue and retrieval systems are designed for versatility and ease of use. They serve as true workhorses providing routine work support and fall protection and performing as perfectly engineered rescue and retrieval systems during emergencies in areas such as manholes, tanks, bins, vaults etc. A wide variety of winches and self retracting lifelines are available.

The range includes the Salalift® II Winch, Advanced Digital Series Winch, Basic Series Winch and the Manhandler Rescue Winch MN20.

Self Retracting Lifelines (SRL)

Tyco supply a wide variety of Self Retracting Lifelines (SRL) equipment including the Ultra-Lok® SRL, Sealed SRL, Talon SRL, JRG™ SRL, Rebel™ SRL, Black Rhino SRL and the MightEvac SRL.

Fall Limiters

Tyco provide a wide range of Fall Limiter products including the Turbolite Personal Fall Limiter and the Scorpion Personal Fall Limiter.

Rescue and Descent

Tyco provide a wide range of Rescue and Descent products including the RollGliss® R350 Rescue System and the 3-Way Sealed Self Retracting Lifeline.

Positioning Lanyards and Restraint Devices

Tyco provide a wide range of Positioning Lanyards and Restraint Devices including Restraint Lanyards, Web Positioning Lanyard – 2 snaphooks and Rope Positioning Lanyard – 2 snaphooks.

Benefits of Fall Arrest Equipment

  • Bespoke solutions to meet the specific demands of Oil and Gas Clients

  • Confined space rescue kits manufactured to clients specification

How We Can Help

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