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Tyco can provide protective equipment for firefighters in the fire service as well as to airport, marine and industrial firefighting teams. A comprehensive range of personnel protection for the firefighter includes fire coats and fire trousers, helmets, hoods, gloves and boots.

Fire Fighting Jackets and Trousers

Protecting firefighters against the hazards of fire and chemical exposure, Tyco provide jackets and trousers with stringent performance standards.

  • Ergotech Action: An ergonomically designed range of Jackets and Trousers developed after careful research into different types of task fire fighters are required to perform.
  • Wessex: Produced to be a comfortable and practical garment without compromising safety in a common design, it has proven highly successful and is now a particular favourite in the UK and worldwide.
  • Fleet Suit: The Fleet (or Marine) suit is an internationally recognised close proximity fire fighting suit. A two piece suit manufactured from Protex cotton outer fabric coloured yellow.

Fire Fighting Boots

A wide variety of fire fighter boots available, meeting the high standards required by the UK fire brigades. They come with pull on loops, water repellent leather, steel toecap and midsole and thick soles to protect against the heat and sharp objects. All meeting variations to EN345.

Fire Fighting Gloves

A wide variety of fire fighter gloves available which give exceptional protection against heat and water with variations in the levels of dexterity and cuff design. Conforming to EN659, EN388, EN407 and EN420

Anti-Flash Hoods

The anti-flash hood is a lightweight balaclava which protects the firefighters face, neck and head from extreme radiating heat and flame. Using materials like Lenzing, PBI Gold, Nomex and Proban, the hood would work with the fire fighters helmet to give as much protection as possible when fighting fires.

Fire Fighting Helmets

The modern fire fighters helmets are heatproof and are worn in a fire or carrying out rescue work. A helmet protects the fire fighter’s head from falling objects or banging their head on low beams and at the front of the helmet there is a visor which moves down to protect the fire fighter’s face from the heat and sparks of the fire. The helmet is made in several parts and pieces can be replaced if one part gets broken.

  • Gallet F1 SF: Based on the original F1 helmet the F1 SF responds to the requirements on the worldwide fire fighting market. more
  • Fuego: The Fuego is the perfect head protection solution for fire fighters looking for high performance and cost effectiveness.

Benefits of Fire Protection Equipment

  • Leading brand manufacturers

  • Specialists in the supply of fire fighting equipment to the oil and gas industry 

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