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Tyco have a wide range of Fire Hoses and Fire Hose Cabinets available to meet your needs.

Fire Hoses

Tyco provide a wide choice of fire hose reels designed to provide a fast, efficient and steady flow of water to deal with a fire situation prior to the arrival of the fire brigade. The hose reels are supplied with either a manual or an automatic valve, depending on the type of environment it is located in and the potential fire risk involved.

For example, the manually operated fire hose is recommended for exposed or exterior areas that are subject to frost or freezing conditions that could cause potential damage to the hose pipe. Water is not present within the hose until a manual gate valve is first opened before running out the hose.

By contrast, an automatic fire hose reel is permanently charged with water so that when the reel is “run out” the automatic valve will open and a quick twist of the hose reel nozzle will discharge water on to the seat of a fire. This process saves valuable time and has the potential to stop a small fire becoming a big one.

Hose Reel Cabinets and Stands

Although all our fire extinguishers are provided with wall brackets as standard, Tyco also provide a wide choice of single and double fire extinguisher stands and hinged cabinets made from high impact tough ABS, PE and traditional GRP plastics. These stands and cabinets create a high visual impact and draw attention to the fire extinguisher emergency location points.

Benefits of Hose Reels and Hose Reel Cabinets

  • Available in both manual and automatic derivatives

  • Stands and hinged cabinets can be purchased to compliment and protect the products

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