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Deluge verification is the testing and maintenance of deluge systems to ensure compliance to design and performance criteria. We at Tyco provide a broad range of services and expertise to meet the desired standards on Deluge Verification comprising:

• System Inspections
• Wet and dry performance testing
• Engineering and maintenance
• Pipework cleaning
• System upgrades and modifications

We have a comprehensive team of experienced, highly trained engineers to carry out this specialised work worldwide.

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Imperative Solutions for a Safety Critical System

The majority of firewater systems utilised within the offshore industry are of carbon steel construction. Due to the harsh and corrosive conditions, Iron Oxide, Calcium Carbonate, Salt and Marine fouling will deposit inside the pipework, eventually reducing the capacity of the pipework and blocking nozzles. Regular flushing of the deluge systems and removal and cleaning of nozzles are only considered a short term solution. By increasing deluge flushing to wash out loose corrosion particles and flakes, corrosive seawater will deposit more marine fouling and salt on the pipe wall. Although this cannot be seen from the outside, an irreversible corrosion process will gradually block the deluge distribution system.

The Danger

In the event of a fire on an offshore installation, a deluge system with blocked pipework and/or nozzles will hinder both the speed and volume of water released through the deluge system, distributing only the volume of water that the pipework can accommodate. This can be at a potentially under-performing flow rate that the now altered parameters allow. As a result the deluge system will fail to cool the platform’s process vessels and will not be able to offer platform personnel a safe escape route.

Deluge Performance Testing

The identification of these safety issues is done through Wet Performance Deluge Testing and to compare the test results with the platform’s Safety Performance Standards including Noding Isometric Drawings, Hydraulic Calculations, P&ID’s. The test results will give clear evidence of the deluge system’s condition and will be used to plan the future maintenance strategy which could be:

Carrying out remedial work such as pipework cleaning or (partly) replacement

• To continue wet performance testing
• To implement dry performance testing

Our team of highly qualified engineers will discuss the options available to you and provide recommendations based on Industry Standards and your safety case.

Cost Savings

Tyco have been providing deluge verification services as part of our Healthcare Support Programs for over 20 years. We are consistently asked to provide on-going maintenance and testing post verification with the aim of:

• Ensuring greater reliability and availability of your safety critical systems
• Preventing expensive pipework replacement

The absence of on-going maintenance could result in part(s) of your system being beyond economic repair. By extending the life of your current firewater system, Tyco provide substantial cost savings against the cost of total replacement and the downtime this incurs.

Tyco’s OmniPass Anti- Blockage Deluge Adaptor

The Tyco OmniPass Anti Blockage Adaptor reduces the risk of current industry deluge and sprinkler discharge nozzles from blocking due to foreign bodies and concentric corrosion being present in delivery lines. The adaptor significantly reduces the risks of blockages and system failure through delivery line contaminants caused by sea water bi-products.

All pipework materials can be affected by one or more of the bi-products associated with seawater. It has been demonstrated that fire water nozzles are very susceptible to blockages caused by only small amounts of debris within the pipework.

It is very important to have accurate details of the existing system design so that Tyco can ensure the correct OmniPass adaptor is selected that matches the system concentric flow path.

Tyco OmniPass adaptor is manufactured and supplied by Tyco under license from Rig Deluge Global Limited.
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