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The Dry Powder Fire Suppression Systems are designed to provide full-time fire protection in high-risk areas where large, potentially disastrous fires could occur. They use proven technology for fast knock down of the toughest flammable liquid and gas fires and provide a means of detection and suppression for complex hazards that are too difficult and inaccessible for manual means of firefighting.

Typical applications include petroleum and petrochemical loading racks, refinery processing equipment, product transfer and storage areas and offshore platforms; marine tanker decks, machinery spaces and loading docks; paint spray booths, dip and quench tanks, warehouses, hazardous materials storage buildings, machinery lubricating systems, and flammable liquid storage areas; and many other settings. For large industrial applications, large fixed nozzle piped systems provide up to 3000 lb. (1360.8 kg) of dry chemical extinguishing agent.

Dry chemical piped system nozzles are designed for a particular application method and discharge pattern. Most are available in various sizes and flow rates.

“D” Nozzle — a widely dispersed and diffused discharge pattern; use for total flooding

“C” Nozzle — elliptical or circular discharge pattern; local application overhead protection

“S” Nozzle — similar discharge and protection as “C” nozzle but with a longer range; use where higher air velocities are encountered

“F” Nozzle — discharges in a thin, flat, semi-circular pattern; local application tankside

“T” Nozzle — flat discharge pattern covering 160 in. (4064 mm) wide; use for high flow rates and ranges of agents

“X” Nozzle — discharges at a high velocity and flow rate in a conical pattern; local application or total flooding

Benefits of Dry Powder

  • Maximum fire stopping power

  • Worry-free asset protection

  • Extensive testing

  • High quality construction

How We Can Help

Large Dry Chemical Fire Suppression Systems Brochure

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