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Tyco provide a comprehensive range of high quality, cost-effective Fire Extinguishers, Hose Reels, Stands and Cabinets that are designed and produced to the latest Fire Authority Standards.

We take our social responsibilities very seriously and we are doing our best to care for the World we live in. As you are probably aware, recent changes in legislation now prevent the disposal of Foam (AFFF) through water drainage systems.

This is because chemical elements present in the foam do not break down. These chemical elements can find their way into the ground water systems. The pollution created has even been detected in drinking water supplies (visit for details). Where there is no Class B risk present, we will install Water Based Extinguishers to lessen the impact of AFFF on the environment.


Foam Monitors control the horizontal and vertical directions of large capacity discharge streams.

Water-oscillating monitors automatically move side to side using water pressure as the energy source.

Remote Controlled monitors use an electric joystick to control horizontal, vertical and stream pattern. Other monitors are manually operated using a tiller bar or hand wheel.

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