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The ever increasing demand for Liquefied Natural Gas has led to a growth in moving ever greater volumes of LNG around the world. Large scale transportation requires effective fire suppression and containment at every point of the ship.

Dry powder offers the only practical means of extinguishing flammable gas fires. Various dry powders are available but piped systems are typically used as the fluidity of sodium bicarbonate based dry powders makes them the agent of choice.

The dry powder is stored in one or more pressure vessels and fluidised/purged with nitrogen, which is then fed under turbulent flow conditions, through distribution pipework and be discharged through monitors and/or hoselines.

The system comprises one or more dry powder tanks each supplied by a dedicated nitrogen cylinder bank with pressure regulators and means of remote pneumatic actuation. Each of the outlets from these ‘units’ feeds into a manifold filled with pneumatically actuated directional valves which diverts the powder to strategically positioned hose stations and monitors.

Each monitor and hose has an on/off flow control valve and a nitrogen manual pneumatic actuator for actuation of the dry powder supply to that nozzle. The monitors and hoses allow the dry powder to be directed manually into the fire area.

All systems will be designed to meet the individual needs of our customer and in accordance with IMO & all Marine classification society rules and regulations.

Benefits of Dry Powder

  • Maximum fire stopping power

  • Worry-free asset protection

  • Extensive testing

  • High quality construction

How We Can Help

Large Dry Chemical Fire Suppression Systems Brochure

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