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The Fire Protection Network (FPN) is the latest dedicated fire & safety control system that links all fixed fire fighting systems to the ships integrated platform management system. The FPN uses human machine interfaces (HMI’s) that can control & monitor fire safety systems and make logical decisions based on owners requirements. The Tyco Fire Protection Network (FPN) is a proven PLC /server based system that seamlessly integrates with Tyco’s own MX & T2000 Addressable Fire detection panels.

The system is totally flexible and can be configured to the user own requirements and expanded as the need arises. It gives the user total status visibility and control, automatic or manual, of all the vessels firefighting devices, components and skids. The system will also integrate the ships Tyco’s PAGA, camera & security systems, access monitoring and certain types of detection that may not always be available on Fire Detection panels alone.

The system is a robust dual redundancy configuration using SIL2 certified products for absolute optimum reliability. The FPN can be easily integrated into the ships own management system via industry standard serial coms i.e Modbus, Profibus, Ethernet and now the industry standard high reliability Profisafe SIL2 coms.

Tyco supplied devices can also be interfaced for use in ATEX zoned environments.

Tyco have supplied, installed and commissioned these systems into various vessel types and is becoming one of the leading suppliers to Navy’s around the world.

Ease of use, robustness & flexibility are the key features of the Tyco FPN system. Tyco can supply the complete turnkey system - from initial design through to commissioning and onto worldwide global service and support.. This functionality, combined with the use monitored field devices and self testing detection, gives the customer the peace of mind that comes as standard with Tyco Fire Protection and Detection Systems.

Additionally all equipment & devices Tyco supply is approved by the various Marine Classes and has been put through rigorous testing to ensure optimum reliability. We always give the customer the option to witness the final acceptance testing before the system is delivered for installation. We have worked some of the major suppliers of SCADA and Distributed systems such as Siemens, Allen Bradley, ABB and RTP not only on marine vessels but on oil platforms, chemical plants, power stations and refineries where safety and reliability are a pre-requisite for systems of this nature.

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