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Tyco are a leading inert and chemical gaseous fire suppression systems provider whose “track record” for providing “long term sustainable” gaseous fire suppression systems remains unbeatable and beyond reproach.We have achieved this recognition by ensuring that the “working life” of all the different types of gaseous fire suppression systems that we provide has been safeguarded against replacement from potential future changes in Health & Safety and Environmental Legislation.

Tyco have been committed to the continued development of six types of inert and chemical gaseous fire suppression system.

As a result, during the past forty years, we have protected virtually every type of “Business/Process Critical Area” on land, at sea and in the harshest of environments imaginable.

Our continued success is reflected by the large number of global partnerships we maintain with some of the world’s top 100 companies within the industrial, commercial, marine, oil & gas and power generation market sectors.


INERGEN® gaseous fire suppression agent has been extensively used throughout the world for over 16 years and remains the longest surviving Halon replacement on the market to date.

INERGEN® is an inert gas that has the unique ability to rapidly extinguish a fire yet at the same time provides a safe environment for any person working within a “Non Immediate Evacuation Area” such as the Ship’s Bridge or “Critical Area” process rooms.

INERGEN® is a mixture of 52% Nitrogen, 40% Argon and 8% CO2. However, in the event of a fire, when INERGEN® is discharged, it mixes with the air present in the room to create a mixture that comprises of 67.3% Nitrogen, 12.5% Oxygen, 17% Argon and 3.2% Carbon Dioxide. Because the density of this mixture is closer to natural air, INERGEN® protects any person within the occupied area by actually decreasing cardiac distress and maintaining arterial blood oxygenation and mental performance in low oxygen levels. Also, it has the ability to remain within the protected enclosure for long periods. This provides superior holding times without extensive and costly room sealing or dedicated extract ducting.

INERGEN® inert gas can be stored remotely, up to 100 metres from the protected risk. This means that a single bank of cylinders can protect a large number of “Multiple Areas” far more cost effectively when compared with the most popular chemical agents on typical systems.

All systems will be designed to meet the individual needs of our customer and in accordance with IMO & all Marine classification society rules and regulations.

Benefits of Inergen System

  • Ideal for occupied spaces including engine and pump rooms, paint lockers, and communication and control centres

  • Causes no damage to delicate electronics, radar, navigation and other equipment

  • Zero Ozone depletion potential

  • Negligible global warming potential

  • Zero atmospheric lifetime

  • Requires minimal storage space

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