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Tyco has unrivalled knowledge and experience in the application of Marine sprinkler systems. Back in 1933 we achieved a notable “first” when we installed the first sprinkler system on-board the marine passenger ship Princess Maud. Today, our marine sprinkler “fast facts” speak for themselves. We have protected over 80% of the world’s passenger ship and currently install an average of 5,000 sprinkler heads per ship.

We have remained the marine industry market leader for over 75 years through our commitment to the development of “best practice” design, project management and the most complex “New Build” or “Refurbishment project can be completed in record time with the minimum of disruption in port, at sea and in the dockyard”.

Sprinkler systems are acknowledged as the best first line of attack in a fire situation. They provide detection via a heat sensitive bulb which acts as an operating element, and they provide protection by discharging water on to the fire.

Sprinkler systems are designed to meet a number of fire scenarios, the basic principle being control and thus providing time. Such systems will either extinguish fires completely in the early stages or control potentially major fires. Water is only dispersed in the area of the fire thus minimising water damage.

Marine sprinkler systems are designed to provide a water application density of 5 litres/m²/min over the protected plan deck area with sprinkler spacing in accordance with international standards. Water supply is based on an area coverage of 280m².

A typical system is divided into installations or zones whereby a single installation does not exceed two vertical decks, cross a main vertical fire zone or contain more than 200 sprinklers.

The sprinkler system is primed with fresh water and pressurised by an air pressure tank. Any drop in system pressure by the operation of one or more sprinkler heads, will automatically start a dedicated seawater pump, thus providing an inexhaustible seawater supply. A typical pump size is 280m² x 5 litres/m²/min = 1400 litres/min.

All systems will be designed to meet the individual needs of our customer and in accordance with IMO & all Marine classification society rules and regulations.

Benefits of Sprinkler Systems

  • Good cooling

  • Quick/low cost refill

  • Long systems life (30 years plus)

  • Tried and tested for over 100 years

How We Can Help

Tyco SprinklerSense Brochure

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