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Tyco hold both Crowcon and Tyco stock and can supply multi gas monitors, for personal use and portable safety applications, providing protection against a wide range of industrial gas hazards.

T4 Portable Gas Detectors Multi Gas

The Crowcon T4 integrates innovative safety features and an intuitive, rugged design to provide advanced protection for those working in harsh environments. This portable multigas detector, which is exceptionally easy to use and service, protects against the four most prevalent gas hazards: carbon monoxide (CO), hydrogen sulphide (H2 S), flammable gases and oxygen (O2 ) depletion.


The Gas-Pro has an easy to see top mount backlit display, single button operation, with detection of up to 5 gases in a compact, rugged solution. It has an automatic fail safe flow plate recognition with a specific and unique pre-entry mode. Comes with a +ve Safety™ tri-colour status indicator within an integral over moulded anti-shock case. The Gas-Pro offers portable, wall and desk mount gas test solutions.

Tetra:3 (T3)

The Tetra:3 (T3) has up to 4 gas capability with single button operation for all functions and can be operated with gloved hands. It has a rugged impact resistant design that provides extra shock and vibration protection. It’s reliable Lithium-ion battery provides over 16 hours continuous operation. It is water and dust resistant to IP67 and has a loud 95dBA audible alarm, vibrating alarm, dual colour red/blue visual alarm and a top mounted, backlit display. This is an accessory that can be bought together with Tetra:3 (T3) Gas Bump Tester.

Triple Plus+

The Triple Plus+ has up to 4 gas capability with interchangeable sensors allowing full flexibility. It has a large simultaneous four gas display with backlight with loud audible alarm, bright visual alarm. It has a sfll timed data-logging file with 100 hour capacity and a choice of reading 12 flammable gases through menu selection.

Triple Plus+ IR

The Triple Plus+ IR has up to 4 gas capability with a single IR 0-100%LEL Methane sensor with the capacity to fit three other sensors. It has a dual range IR 0-100% LEL/Vol sensor with the capacity to fit two other sensors and is ideal for purging applications. It has a large simultaneous four gas display with backlight with a loud audible alarm, bright visual alarm It has full timed data-logging file with 100 hour capacity.


The Detective+ is a Portable area monitor with up to 4 gas capability with an ultra-loud 100 dBA sounder and red LED cluster alarms. There are a wide range of sensor options including infra-red. It has a long 36 or 60 hour battery life. It has raised detectors, coupled with IP65 provides excellent sensor protection. There is a built-in pump option to provide faster gas response. It has the ability to link up to 12 Detective+ monitors together with the use of interconnecting leads.


The GMI PS200 4 gas unit has a robust design and is suitable for various confined space and industrial applications. The PS200 supported accessories include; calibration station, test gas, carry cases, rubber boot cases, pumped or non pumped setting, aspirator hoses and multi chargers.


The GMI PS500 is 5 gas unit with a robust design. It is suitable for various applications and accessories are available on request.

GMI Gasurveyor 500 - Gas Industry Standard Portable Monitor

The GMI Gasurveyor 500 has an auto Bump and Calibration Station (Accessory). It operates multiple Modes including: Combustible Gas Indicator, Confined Space Monitor, Purge and Sweep. It offers highly accurate and reliable instrumentation in an extremely robust, anti-static case. The 500 Series measures combustible gases (ppm, %LEL, %Vol) in many applications and optionally O2, CO and H2S. It has a configurable operation, auto ranging, internal sample pump and data logging. The gases detected are: CO, H2S, combustible (ppm, LEL, % Volume), O2. It’s sensor technologies: electrochemical, catalytic, semiconductor, thermal conductivity. It has a 15 hours battery life with 4 ‘D’ size alkaline or 9 hours rechargeable battery pack. The alarms: highly visible flashing LED, typically 85dB audible @ 1 m. It holds the following approvals: ATEX, CE, IECEx, CSA, UL, MED.

Scott Protege Gas Detector

The Scott Protege Gas Detector has up to 4 gas capability and is easy to use, with a tough and robust construction. It has a 2 button control for one hand operation with a standard alarm including bright red dual flashing alarm bars. It has a 90dB audible alarm and internal vibrating alarm. there is an option of external pump available. It is approved to: IP67 protection, ATEX.

ALTAIR® 2X Gas Detectors

ALTAIR 2X line of Gas detectors from MSA; the first one-or two-gas detector that incorporates industry-leading XCell Sensor technology.

ALTAIR® 4X Multi Gas Detector

The ALTAIR® 4X Multi Gas Detector sensor response and clear times are under 15 seconds with a bump test under 15 seconds and span calibration time under 60 seconds. It offers greater signal stability and repeatability under changing or extreme environmental conditions. The digital output of the sensors makes them much less susceptible to RF interference. It features two-tox CO/H2S sensor with virtually no cross-channel interference, two-tox CO H2-RES/H2S sensor with very low cross-sensitivity to Hydrogen <5%, two-tox CO/H2S-LC sensor for better performance at lower H2S concentration, first Two-tox CO/NO2 and SO2/H2S-LC sensors with such an extended typical life. Typical life greater than four years. It hs a laser-welded sensor housing which eliminates opportunities for leaks. Proprietary operating mode of the combustible sensor helps it stand up to poisons over the life of the sensor. End-of-sensor-life indicator gives advanced warning to user, eliminating service outages.

ALTAIR® 5X Multigas Detector

The ALTAIR® 5X Multigas Detector has up to 6 gas capability with MotionAlert & InstantAlert alarm for additional safety. It has a Triple Alarm System and super bright LEDs on the detectors top & bottom. It has an audible alarm of 95dB at 30 cm with a strong vibrating alarm as standard. Options include full graphical monochrome or high res colour display in a rugged rubberised housing. 24 hour bump-test check mark. It is approved to: IP65 rated by a third party standard with Bluetooth functionality. It has an IR – 100% vol methane sensor (for inert applications) and PID sensor for VOC detection.

BW GasAlert MicroClip XT

The BW GasAlert MicroClip XT is rated IP68 for maximum water and dust protection - up to 45 minutes at a depth of 1.2 metres. the all-new Oxygen sensor operates consistently for 5 years with no replacement costs for the life of the detector. 3 year warranty with an expected service lifetime of 5 years and extended 18 hour battery run-time with 1 button operation.

X-am® 2500 MSHA Approved

The X-am® 2500 MSHA Approved is especially developed for use as personal protection. The 1 to 4 gas detector reliably detects combustible gases and vapours, as well as O2, CO, NO2, SO2 and H2S. Reliable and fully mature measuring technology, durable sensors and easy handling guarantee a high degree of safety with extremely low operating costs.

X-am® 5000

The X-am® 5000 has up to 5 gas capability with an ergonomic and compact design. It has a 2 button control panel with user-friendly functionality. It has a capability of 0 - 100% LEL and 0-100% Vol methane sensors and is robust and water-tight. It is approved to: IP67 protection, ATEX, MED 96/98/EC.

BM25 Transportable Multi-Gas Detector (and BMS Wireless Series)

The BM25 packs the benefits of a fixed-system area monitor into an easily transportable, yet rugged instrument. Designed for team protection or area surveillance, the unit is most suitable for perimeter monitoring, rig overhauls, and mobile or short-term work in areas where fixed detection systems are not suitable. The BM25 now features a wireless option using a 2.4GHz RF signal to transfer alarm and fault detection over a wireless mesh network. The wireless signal uses a mesh system to allow each unit to operate as a node able to receive, send and relay data to any other BM25 wireless unit, or control unit in range.

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