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Physical Security Information Management, (PSIM), is the next step in integration from the ‘entry level’ Security Management System (SMS) linking of standard security platforms using maybe the access control or video software to develop IT links to other systems. Most PSIM solutions are from 3rd party suppliers, not within the general security product market which allows them to work in a truly unbiased manner with all solution providers. In general they are from the IT market and bring together their knowledge of this sector adding another layer to the physical security world.

PSIM software systems are designed to integrate and analyse information from these ‘traditional’ physical security systems, and present the necessary data to automatically or manually resolve the situation in real time. This is often used not only for security and safety systems but to further assist clients with building services optimisation. Some examples of this would be heating and lighting control, closing unnecessary entrances out of off peak hours, advising in-house facilities of the number of staff on site for lunches etc.

Business Logic Manager

  • Automate workflow of difficult and tedious manual actions, including operational procedures, incident responses, and event reporting

  • Build and enforce process flow of policies and procedures through a Visio-like drag ‘n’ drop console

  • Proactively add intelligence for operations to filter, reduce and correlate

  • Provide operator “One click” to appropriate information

Comprehensive Incident Reporting

  • Automated reporting eliminates employee time for manual reporting

  • Ensure compliance for report generation

  • Measure results for funding and ROI

  • Report types include Incident Reports, Audit Reports, Trend and Performance, and Video Tracking

Track Suspects

  • Track path of suspect across multiple camera views to catch suspect in real-time security breach

  • Show live/recorded video

  • Show active cameras and suspect trail on map

  • Stitch video camera IDs and times in report for forensic investigations

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