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Security systems are changing at an ever-increasing pace and are now using as standard Information Technology(IT) products to communicate over Local Area Network (LAN) or Wide Area Network (WAN) on a daily basis. This has lead to more integration as standard between various security products – access control, video, intruder etc.

At this level of integration the systems would normally be limited to security and fire/safety applications. Sometimes including interfacing with HR systems for a central administration database or time and attendance.

One of the key benefits of an integrated system is the reduction in monitoring stations – normally one for each application – required for the site, the automation of manual process under either normal or emergency processes, thus ensuring that the correct procedures are followed with less reliance on operator input.

CEM AC2000 Standard Integrated Security Management System

AC2000 Standard Edition (AC2000 SE) is a powerful and fully integrated access control, alarm processing and photo badging system with a set of software and hardware features that make it one of the most comprehensive security management systems available.

Continuously developed to meet the most complex of security needs, AC2000 provides a highly stable, proven solution for installations where security is of paramount importance.

Intevo Integrated Security Platform

Intevo is an easy to deploy integrated security platform that gets you up and running in minimal time. It’s simple to configure, built on Windows 7 Embedded and includes a customized dashboard for easy system management. Intevo integrates access control, IP video and intrusion into one common and powerful platform to deliver a holistic security solution. It’s pre-loaded with Kantech’s EntraPass Corporate Edition software, exacqVision video management software, and includes support for DSC PowerSeries, MAXSYS and Honeywell Dimension intrusion alarm panel integration. Intevo provides an ideal platform for small to medium businesses as well as the ability to grow the system to meet organisational needs over time. Intevo also supports the EntraPass Web remote user platform and the EntraPass Go mobile application right out of the box. It is also compatible with advanced EntraPass features such as Video Vault and Redundant Server.

Seamless integration of the latest version of exacqVision video management software and American Dynamics DVRs/NVRs (VideoEdge, HDVR, ADTVR and Intellex) provides real-time video monitoring and playback. The inclusion of exacqVision allows Intevo to offer faster and more intuitive video searching capabilities.

INTEVO integrates access control, IP video and intrusion into one common and powerful platform to deliver a holistic security solution. It’s pre-loaded with Kantech’s EntraPass Corporate Edition software plus exacqVision video management software; and includes support for DSC PowerSeries and MAXSYS intrusion alarm panel integration. It is pre-configured to support EntraPass Go mobile app and EntraPass Web remote user platform. INTEVO includes a customised dashboard for easy system management.

Kantech EntraPass

Kantech offers a full suite of feature rich and cost effective access control products that are reliable, easy to install and fully scalable. This section covers Kantech PC based solutions – EntraPass software which is available in three versions – Special Edition, Corporate Edition and Global Edition. Each offering in addition to their access control features ID badging, integration with American Dynamics Video solutions and intruder integration from DSC and Honeywell (Dimension).

For you the customer we can offer a system for a single site, single door start up organisation, to a multi site estate, through to corporations spanning the globe – such is the simplicity, power and flexibility of EntraPass.

C•CURE 9000 Security & Event Management System

For a total integrated security management solution, Software House provides integration with various security and business applications that can be easily managed from the C•CURE platform. These integrated applications can control many elements of a facility from video solutions and intrusion detection, to intercoms, mobile devices, and more.

C•CURE 9000, one of the industry’s most powerful and flexible security management systems. monitors events, manages personnel, creates reports, will display dynamic views, and monitor system activity using the full C•CURE 9000 client, the web client, or on the move with C•CURE Go mobile app. This flexibility in customisation grants you the freedom to deploy a unique security solution for your entire business.

To take you to the next level of security, we offer the ability to “unify” your security system. A single server and database providing seamless unification of best-of-breed video, access control, intrusion, fire, real-time location, and other supported security products for situational awareness. All delivered in one intuitive, unified interface.

C•CURE 9000 can also be integrated with top Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) technologies to provide customers with a comprehensive user interface that ties many disparate systems into one platform. Manage, access, and control multiple independent security applications and devices directly from the C•CURE 9000 monitoring station for quick view of your company’s overall security system.

victor Unified Security and Video

From a single, intuitive interface, victor lets you manage live/recorded video from all of Tyco Security Products recorders - Intellex DVRs, ADTVR, VideoEdge NVRs/Hybrids, and exacqVision. victor even takes unification further with single point event management with Software House’s C•CURE 9000 access control system.

victor is designed to handle the high throughput of HD and megapixel cameras and easily manages real-time alarms and events. It includes advanced policy management, health monitoring, Smart Search, instant playback, and more, ensuring the security and safety of your entire organisation.

With a complete, scalable portfolio of clients, victor has a solution that is right for any business:

  • victor Express is designed to support the needs of single client, multi-recorder applications.
  • victor Professional is designed for systems with multiple sites and/or multiple recorders that require multiple operator client connections, and unification or integration to other systems.
  • victor Enterprise is designed for large, multi-site businesses or large distributed systems, and can be part of a MAS/SAS (Master and Satellite Application Server) environment with C•CURE 9000.

victor Command Centre

The victor Command Centre lets you easily build your own cost-effective security operation centre (SOC). You can manage thousands of cameras and multiple locations, creating video walls using standard PCs. Video walls are a key component to monitoring large camera counts. Share and communicate information between operators – even pushing live or recorded video from one monitor to another - to ensure rapid response to critical events. You can expand your system by adding victor client and agent licenses, to meet the needs of your organization and its people.

Benefits of Security Management Systems

  • Single operator workstation to review and manage multiple security disciplines improving efficiency

  • Prioritise alarm and operator responses easier as all appear on a single platform

  • Standalone solutions are still available for local review and management if required

  • Lead system can be selected for your main requirements - access/alarms/graphics or video monitoring

  • Can monitor third party outputs from other systems - industrial monitoring etc

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