Interface engineering is the linking together of a fixed platform and a mobile drilling or accommodation vessel to carry out a drill or maintenance activity. The installed Interface links and critical systems enhance the safety and performance of the personnel operating on either installation.

For 25 years Tyco has been providing the link and combine the shared resources with a specialist team dedicated this solution proud of its ‘Excellent Safety Record’.

We understand that an interface installation is a critical task within your overall project, and that other works are put on hold until this is performed creating increased downtime and commercial impact.

Our objectives are to minimise downtime by executing the most cost and time effective method without compromising personnel safety.

We adhere to client’s specifications and requirements, whilst meeting the criteria outlined in the Combined Operations Notification (CON) and HAZID. Communicating closely with all parties such as client, duty holder, ISC and verifier allows us to achieve a fully acceptable interfaced system, commissioned and ready for handover.

We utilise a pre-work philosophy which can be undertaken either on or offshore for both platform and jack-up. This has been proven to drastically reduce offshore work scopes and downtime during the interface installation.

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We can provide a host of Interface Engineering services prior to detailed design works.

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