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Tyco offer a wide range of detectors. These include beam, glass break, dual technology, passive infra red (PIR), sequential and vibration detectors.

Beam Detectors

Photoelectric beam systems detect the presence of an intruder by transmitting visible or infrared light beams across an area, where these beams may be obstructed. To improve the detection surface area, the beams are often employed in stacks of two or more. A glass-break detector is a sensor used in electronic intruder alarms that detects if a pane of glass is shattered or broken. These sensors are commonly used near glass doors or glass store-front windows to detect if an intruder broke the glass and entered.

Glass Break Detectors

Glassbreak detectors usually use a microphone, which monitors any noise or vibrations coming from the glass. If the vibrations exceed a certain threshold (that is sometimes user selectable) they are analysed by detector circuitry. Simpler detectors simply use narrowband microphones tuned to frequencies typical of glass shattering, and react to sound above certain threshold, whereas more complex designs compare the sound analysis to one or more glass-break profiles and react if both the amplitude threshold and statistically expressed similarity threshold are breached.

Dual Technology Detectors

Dual Technology devices usually encompass PIR and Microwave. PIR activates on movement of warm objects against a background level whilst microwave transmits a signal and monitors the return signal and any “new” object in front of the device alters this signal. As PIR and Microwave detect different phenomena they are not subject to the same false alarm sources but are equally good at detecting real alarm events.

Passive Infra Red (PIR)

A passive infrared sensor (PIR sensor) is an electronic sensor that measures infrared (IR) light radiating from objects in its field of view. They are most often used in PIR-based motion detectors.

Sequential Detectors

Sequential Confirmation Detectors ; BS2843:2010 and EN 50131-2-4 / EN 50131-1 / PD 6662 2 detectors within the sensor are non-overlapping and have separate relay outputs. These outputs signal independently to the control panel and consequently the ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre) in the event of an activation.

Vibration Sensors

Vibration: These devices are mounted on barriers and are used primarily to detect an attack on the structure itself. The technology relies on an unstable mechanical configuration that forms part of the electrical circuit. When movement or vibration occurs, the unstable portion of the circuit moves and breaks the current flow, which produces an alarm. The technology of the devices varies and can be sensitive to different levels of vibration. The medium transmitting the vibration must be correctly selected for the specific sensor as they are best suited to different types of structures and configurations.

Most sensors use piezo-electric components rather than mechanical circuits, which can be tuned to be extremely sensitive to vibration.

They are very reliable sensors, with low false alarm rate and middle place in the price range.

Benefits of Intruder Detection

  • Tyco provide a range of different detection sensors covering all security needs and all comply to EN 50131 Grade 2 and 3 / PD6662 as well as BS8243

  • Sequential confirmation sensors, 2 sensors with non overlapping coverage in one housing. Saving time and money on cable runs and additional sensors. Providing superior false alarm immunity. Complies BS8243:2010.

  • Seismic detection, a number of different types ranging from simple vibration sensing on door frames, to vault and ATM solutions that require detection from other sources such as drills/thermal torches and mechanical cutters

  • Door and window contacts, an extensive range of high quality magnetic contacts, complying to EN50131-2-6 grades 2 and 3 as well as some High security variants that are CPNI approved

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