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Air conditioning systems on offshore installations are essential to prevent failure of safety critical equipment through overheating, and to ensure comfortable habitability for the workforce regardless of the climate outside. Reliability and efficiency are key in a changing marketplace where value is placed on reducing the through-life costs of running refrigeration systems.

When the next supply boat isn’t always guaranteed to arrive on time, it is essential that provisions refrigeration can be relied upon to extend the endurance of catering perishables. The continued availability of fresh foodstuffs is an important component in the morale and wellbeing of personnel.

Chilled Water / DX Refrigerated Air Conditioning Plants

The most common method of cooling large areas, for example accommodation modules: a large chiller package cools airflow in an air handling unit either directly using a refrigerant to air evaporator, or by cooling a ‘chilled water’ cooling medium in a heat exchanger, which is then circulated through a cold water coil in the airflow. Chilled water systems typically use a smaller refrigerant charge than direct expansion systems, and can allow the refrigeration package to be sited remotely from the airflow to be cooled.

Tyco can advise on the most appropriate solution to suit the unique requirements of each application, and has access to a wide variety of OEM components. Tyco can refit or replace existing systems to improve reliability, efficiency, compliance with regulations and obsolescence.

Commercial Split Systems and Heat Pumps

Small split systems are usually sited where there is a need to cool a specific room or equipment, for example: telecoms rooms; UPS rooms; emergency control centres. They can be configured to provide additional cooling during normal operation, or to run in an emergency situation when general cooling via the HVAC system is shut down. Heat pumps act like split systems, except they can automatically reverse their operation to heat the airflow using the same refrigerant circuit. This can be useful where electric heating coils are undesirable.

Tyco can review existing arrangements and advise on the best solution to fulfil the customers’ requirements, and also has access to a huge selection of OEMs and components to implement the solution in a cost-effective and efficient way. Tyco can refit or replace existing systems to improve reliability, efficiency, compliance with regulations and obsolescence.

Packaged Refrigerated Units

Modularised refrigerated units can be supplied to complement or replace existing HVAC equipment at short notice. Scenarios where this might be necessary are during replacement of air conditioning plant, following failure of existing air conditioning plant, or to provide additional cooling if an installation is transiting or relocating to a different operating area outwith the cooling capacity of existing equipment. EX-safe units are available where it is necessary to place them in zoned areas.

Tyco can quote for the supply of containerised cooling packages and if necessary can arrange emergency mobilisations of this equipment, to keep clients assets operating safely and with minimal disruption.

Stand Alone Portable AC Units

Stand-alone units can be provided for additional spot-cooling of specific equipment or rooms on a temporary basis. They are available in unrated or zone-rated versions, and in a selection of different cooling capacities.

Tyco can provide a variety of indoor and zone-rated portable units on a hire or purchase basis to suit the individual circumstances.

Hazardous Area Refrigeration

All refrigerated equipment that Tyco offers is available in fully zone-rated specification, allowing greater freedom to site equipment in otherwise unusable locations on assets.

Tyco can provide alternative quotes for siting refrigeration equipment in zone-rated areas if this is identified by the client as necessary.

Catering Freezer and Cold Rooms

Refrigerated provisions storage is essential to extending the endurance of an asset between supply boat visits, and the continuing availability of fresh food is a big factor in the wellbeing and morale of the workforce. Reliability is a critical factor to keep this availability and to prevent the loss of expensive perishable food stocks through refrigerated rooms breaking down.

Tyco can retrofit existing provisions rooms with new systems to improve reliability, or replace the entire room to also significantly improve the system efficiency.

Temporary Refrigeration Containers

When extra capacity is required, for example during periods of increased manning for platform maintenance, or in Winter when regular supply boats can’t be guaranteed, or during works to replace or refit existing freezer or cold Rooms, temporary deck Fridges and Freezers can be called into use.

Tyco can provide, at short notice if needed, zone-rated fridge or freezer containers to provide additional storage for refrigerated provisions.

Small Fridges and Freezers

An average accommodation module offshore typically contains a dozen or more small (plugged in) refrigeration units across a range of kitchen preparatory and day-use fridges and freezers, blast chillers, cold display cabinets, drinks cabinets and dispensers, salad bars and water coolers. These serve an important role in the working efficiency and capability of kitchen and dining facilities, as well as the morale of the workforce.

Tyco can offer an extensive variety of small commercial refrigeration systems to suit the needs of the platform.

Benefits of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Products

  • Improved equipment reliability through better design and simplification

  • Reduced system downtime, reducing the effect on operations and habitability

  • Uses the latest environmentally-friendly, energy-efficient refrigerants

  • Future-proofed against obsolescence by ensuring commonality of system components

  • Comply with current and future refrigerant regulations

  • Designed with the capacity to handle current and future cooling needs

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