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The key to an effective HVAC service contract is to have the right team in place onshore.

Our team will drive maintenance and specialist testing proactively, ensure that the most appropriate mix of personnel is utilised, assist in scheduling the workload to optimise efficiency, and identify ways of improving provision of services to assist the client achieve their safety, performance and budget objectives.

Service Contract Management

Tycos’ maintenance commitments not only cover ‘hands on’ maintenance, but encompasses all the management functions for HVAC systems traditionally performed by the client. These include:

  • Material procurement
  • Management of repairs
  • Labour management
  • Equipment registers
  • Assurance completions
  • Management of maintenance history

Tyco also fulfill the role of HVAC technical authority. This requires us to liaise with industry regulators and certifying bodies such as HSE, DNV, Lloyds and BV on our clients behalf. Other services included within this role are:

  • Production of equipment specifications and system operating philosophies
  • Management of regulatory changes
  • Verification of HVAC content from vendors

HVAC Design Consultancy

Tyco provides consultancy services for HVAC design engineering in oil and gas applications, including survey and design, estimating, tenders and specification, to produce innovative and cost-effective systems which fulfil the clients’ requirements and comply with all applicable standards and regulations, design guides and codes of good practice. We have an extensive history of designing effective and reliable HVAC and refrigeration systems with good results.

HVAC Project Management

In conjunction with our design consultancy services, Tyco utilises project managers to oversee upgrades and new system installations in order that a single point of contact is used to interface with the client and suppliers throughout the scope, guaranteeing consistency.

In support of timely and cost-effective completion of the project, we typically manage contract liaison, procurement, method statements, risk assessments, personnel movements, commissioning and handover documentation.

Our project management service also extends to TR Integrity testing and LEV testing management scopes, providing one point of contact, who is also the subject matter expert, throughout the workscope.

Spares Management

The loss of safety- or production- critical HVAC through downtime waiting for spare parts is unacceptable in the current safety and economic climate, which makes the effective management of spares important to maximise equipment uptime. The knock-on effects of equipment downtime include loss of standby HVAC equipment, exposing personnel to harmful contaminants, loss of production, or losing integrity of the TR boundary.

Effective stores management means identifying the consumable stock such as bearings, drive belts and damper frangible links, plus critical long-lead items such as specialist fans or refrigeration compressors, and ensuring an appropriate number of each are held in stock to enable repairs to be undertaken without procurement lead times. If done correctly this should take into account the maintenance and defect history of each item, the frequency of failure, the number used per repair, and the lead time for supply of stock from suppliers. The stock can be held either in consignment, at the clients onshore storage base or on the asset offshore, and the most appropriate location should be selected in discussion with the client.

Tyco has a long history of effectively managing spares for major clients, maximising equipment availability and reducing the dependence on lead times or high expediting fees to get critical equipment back online quickly.

Development of Preventative Maintenance Strategies

Typically requested at the start of provision of a maintenance contract, a Preventative Maintenance Strategy review is used to ensure that all HVAC equipment on the asset is accounted for and maintenance is scheduled at the appropriate intervals and durations, to maximise the reliability of the HVAC and reduce the downtime of safety critical systems.

A maintenance strategy review done correctly will take into account the historic maintenance records for each item, ensure that the maintenance schedule is aligned with the agreed pattern of routine maintenance visits, and scheduled efficiently to maximise the tool-time on the asset – combining with other Tyco disciplines if the Innovation in Service philosophy is adopted.

Tyco has carried out a large number of these reviews, reducing wasted time caused by over-generous work hours for each task and enabling techs to utilise lost time (waiting for permits or conflicting scopes) to carry out other flexible HVAC maintenance tasks, or routine servicing of Tyco equipment such as fire extinguishers.

Managing Integration with Other Tyco Oil and Gas Services

Tyco’s oil and gas services incorporates many separate life safety oriented divisions which work together to reduce costs and improve efficiency for clients; this is driven by the Innovation in Service philosophy.

You can find out more about our Innovation in Service philosophy, and how it’s helping some of our major clients reduce costs through improved efficiency, at the link here.

Benefits of HVAC Management, Design and Projects

  • Reduced workload on client onshore staff by outsourcing HVAC management services to an external specialist

  • Improved communication and visibility on HVAC projects by utilising one Tyco point of contact throughout

  • HVAC systems and equipment surveyed and designed correctly first time

  • Reduced through-life costing through good design by specifying reliable components and good access for maintenance

  • Improved safety or production critical equipment uptime through effective selection and management of spare parts

  • Reduced maintenance costs or improved efficiency by reviewing the accuracy of maintenance strategies

  • Opportunities for reduced maintenance costs through the adoption of Tycos’ Innovation in Service philosophy

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