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Tyco’s Sensormatic hard tags are made with best-in-class design practices for exceptional detection performance, durability, ease-of-use, appearance, and defeat resistance. Hard tags are available in a variety of styles for use in protecting apparel of all types from delicate lingerie to coats and hats, as well as hard goods such as sports equipment, hardware, electronics, and others.


Sensormatic SuperTags—the gold standard in asset protection—secure a wide variety of apparel and general merchandise with exceptional performance, strength and versatility. These tags feature a robust ABS plastic housing with a time-tested rotary clamp and spring-gate locking mechanism for the highest level of defeat resistance. A strong visual deterrent that does not affect aesthetics, this tag delivers the highest level of protection for retailers’ most valuable merchandise.

Ultra-Gator Tags

The Ultra-Gator Tag was one of the first AM EAS hard tags introduced to the industry. This all-purpose tag’s characteristic slim form and reliability makes it the go-to tag many retailers still use today. The lightweight design and traditional lock design provide protection to a wide variety of merchandise.

Magnetic Tags

Genuine Sensormatic magnetic hard tags address many high-theft, high-velocity categories providing retailers with a broad, comprehensive solution to protect their entire store. Delivering the performance and reliability retailers around the world have trusted for nearly 50 years, this expansive portfolio includes tags that protect a variety of merchandise including apparel, sporting goods, footwear and more. This tag group also delivers a comprehensive and flexible, or adaptable, anti-theft solution for the entire retail enterprise.

Benefit Denial Tags

Sensormatic benefit denial hard tags offer a very effective deterrent against shoplifting. Designed to render apparel unusable if stolen, these tags feature visible vials of non-toxic, non-flammable ink that permanently stains garments when defeat is attempted — denying the benefit of shoplifting. Compatible benefit denial tags can also be paired with Sensormatic AM EAS hard tags for added merchandise protection.

Specialty Tags

These reusable specialty tags deliver high-performance AM EAS technology in a small hard-tag design. Retailers can choose from a variety of options depending on their needs, including: an eyelet design that easily attaches to small, delicate merchandise; permanent self-stick option for protecting display items and assets that should not be removed from the store; and a drop in application to protect merchandise such as handbags or wallets. These lightweight, compact designs provide strong visual deterrents with low impact to merchandise on display.

Hard Tag Accessories

Sensormatic offers a wide variety of specialty tacks and lanyard accessories to complement the expansive hard tag sensor portfolio. Created to meet the unique needs of retailers, these accessories are designed to allow attachment to virtually any type of merchandise for superior shoplifting protection.

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Benefits of EAS Hard Tags

  • Superior Acousto-Magnetic technology provides high detection rates and reduced false alarms

  • SuperTag is the gold standard in asset protection, features a patented clamp design for superior defeat resistance

  • 2 and 3 tone alarming tags adds an extra layer of security to high-value, high-risk merchandise

  • Sleek, aesthetic design helps minimise impact to merchandise on display

  • Promotes open merchandising for increased sales

  • Dual Technology AM/RFID tags provide EAS protection coupled with item level information

  • Comprehensive range of magnetic tags available to help protect a wide range of merchandise

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