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A store is full of valuable information that can help reduce shrinkage, improve shopper conversion, and ultimately increase your profits. But it can be difficult to gather this information without the right tools.

That’s where Tyco can help. Our innovative solutions capture data from all connected Tyco hardware devices so you can monitor, measure and manage the information to improve your store operations and increase your profits.

EAS Network Solutions - UltraLink

The UltraLink alarm management device is a powerful tool used to drive store-front EAS compliance.

This device collects and analyses real-time EAS alarm activity and provides traffic counts on shoppers entering and exiting the store. When an EAS alarm event occurs at the exit, an authorised employee uses the system’s keypad or optional barcode scanner to enter information from the customer’s receipt. By capturing the reason for an alarm, the item causing it, the point-ofsale lane, and/or the cashier’s name, retailers can quickly identify equipment issues, assess source tagging compliance and more opportunities to improve store operations. Retailers can also access associate response times, trends in alarm occurrences, reasons for alarms, and items and SKUs that cause alarms. When connected with compatible traffic hardware devices, retailers can see the number of people who entered and exited through a monitored doorway.

UltraLink delivers this EAS alarm and traffic data to a central location, then EAS and Traffic Intelligence reporting software processes comprehensive analytics detailing or summarising alarm and traffic activities.

EAS Network Solutions - Local Device Manager II

The Local Device Manager II (LDM II) is a powerful tool used to drive store-front EAS compliance.

This device controls up to 124 (31 per port) connected Sensormatic EAS and Traffic hardware devices within the store environment. It aggregates alarm and traffic counts, and Metal-Foil Detection and Jammer events for insight into equipment issues to help ensure all systems are working properly.

Collected information may be stored in the device up to 30 days and can be securely transmitted over any TCP/IP network at scheduled intervals. The LDM II ensures Sensormatic EAS and Traffic Intelligence investments are optimised by monitoring equipment functionality and use, and by helping manage ongoing equipment maintenance and service.

Authorised parties can remotely configure, diagnose and correct EAS equipment challenges from virtually anywhere. EAS Reporting Analytics process the data from the LDM II into a user-friendly, customisable report format. This EAS reporting makes it simple for retailers to analyse and address abnormal alarm and event trends to reduce shrink, monitor device health and help increase store efficiency and profitability.

Overhead People Counting

Overhead Traffic Sensors are ceiling-mounted cameras that provide a holistic traffic view with enhanced activity analysis and video validation abilities.

Advanced capabilities allow traffic sensors to count side-by-side traffic, track multiple people simultaneously, differentiate between adults and children, and avoid counting carts and strollers. As shoppers pass through the sensor’s field of view, they leave a unique trail or path. Each path is tagged with a unique ID that can then be converted into numerous metric opportunities within the sensor.

Integrated with intelligent software, this sensor collects this real-time shopper data to enable timely operational decisionmaking for improved sales and shopper satisfaction. This sensor also provides accurate data under a broad set of indoor and outdoor environmental conditions such as high traffic and dynamic lighting. By connecting directly to existing data networks, the need for additional collection components is eliminated — reducing implementation costs.

Integrated People Counting

The Integrated EAS Traffic Counter integrates into the lens of compatible EAS pedestals to provide accurate customer traffic information.

This sensor’s dual beam-break detects shopper presence by tracking interruptions in horizontal infrared beams between pedestals; keeping separate counts for inbound and outbound shoppers.

Armed with this valuable data, investments can be directed outside to boost traffic or inside to maximise conversion and average sales. The information provided by the traffic counter gives unparalleled visibility into business intelligence that can be used to streamline processes and improve profitability, such as optimising critical shopper-to-associate staffing ratios and measuring the impact promotions have on traffic and conversion.

This device does not replace or interfere with existing EAS detection systems and is not affected by common environmental interference like shadows or moving masses of warm or cold air near entrances.

TrueVue Retail Store Scorecard

Traffic Reporting integrates traffic, Point of Sale (POS) and labour data to optimise store operations and marketing initiatives. It provides an accurate read on store performance to enable retailers from all levels, i.e. store, field and executive management, to view, consult and manage based on real-time adaptable trends.

Retailers focused on their customer’s shopping experiences are going to great lengths to implement traffic intelligence solutions like TrueVue Traffic Reporting. This powerful tool enables you to query, analyse and take action in real-time to optimise store performance and profitability. After capturing the data, you must utilise effective traffic reporting to expertly distill the information such as foot traffic, conversions, shopping patterns, staffing levels etc…into a retail scorecard for management. As a trusted retail solution provider, Tyco Retail Solutions’ Traffic Reporting is the ultimate end-to-end solution, to provide store managers, district and executive level management with instant reporting into shopping behaviors and a outlet’s retail performance.

EAS Intelligent Reporting

EAS Intelligence is one of many integrated solutions Tyco Retail Solutions offers, providing you total protection against theft and the ability to increase profits.

EAS Intelligence is one of many integrated solutions Tyco Retail Solutions offers, providing you total protection against theft and the ability to increase profits. Improperly working EAS systems can go undetected, especially in high-volume stores with heavy traffic. Our EAS Intelligence solutions help monitor the system’s health and identify employee training issues, providing invaluable information to ensure retailers get the most out of their EAS investment.

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Benefits of Traffic & EAS Intelligence

  • Integration of traffic sensors provides valuable insight into shopper behavior

  • Using stereoscopic cameras can get near to 100% accuracy of people counting

  • We can offer simple traffic data to full enterprise level traffic V sales conversion reports allowing agility in the management decision making process

  • Up to the minute reports can be delivered to Managers even when on the move using smart phone/tablet technology 

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