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Tyco have been supplying control system technology to the oil & gas industry since the early days of North Sea production. These include pneumatic, hydraulic and electronically automated control and safety shutdown systems for both manned and unmanned offshore installations.

Wellhead Control

Tyco can provide single to multi-well packages. the packages include automated production control for wellheads and pipeline valves.

Hydraulic Power Units

Hydraulic Power Units can be provideed generating and storing hydraulic pressure using oil/water based fluids at pressures in excess of 1,000 barg. These units are intended primarily for wellhead control or subsea distribution.

Workover Control Systems

These systems offer integral hydraulic power generation and control systems featuring umbilical reelers and stabplates.

Umbilical Termination Units

Umbilical Termination Units for both Topside (TUTU) and Subsea (SUTU) are available.

Subsea Control & Distribution

Tyco offer direct and piloted hydraulic subsea control systems. Electro-hydraulic subsea control systems utilise both conductive power/communications and fibre optic communications, plus data acquisition/monitoring and SCADA systems.

Remote Telemetry & Single Well Control Systems

Single/dual RTU or PLC based control systems can be supplied which are either self contained or part of a larger system. The systems can be powered by a fixed supply, by batteries, through solar/wind turbines. The remote telemetry solutions are designed to control wellheads, flowline manifolds and pipelines.

Communications are carried out via direct cabled modems, radio, fibre optics or GSM. The systems provide autonomous operation in the event of communications failure for sustained production and/or controlled shutdown.

A range of options are available, from simple interfaces to complete SCADA systems.


Tyco offer both high pressure stabplates and remote disconnect stabplates.

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