Described as a “living theatre of plants and people”, the Eden Project is a landmark tourist attraction of Cornwall. Two vast greenhouses (Biomes) nestle in the heart of a former Cornwall quarry and house a variety of plants, crops and landscapes from the humid tropics and warm temperate regions.

With around 1.25 million visitors per year it is one of the UK’s most popular attractions and promotes understanding of the relationship between plants, people and resources.

With this level of footfall it was a key priority to install a highly effective fire and security solution to ensure visitors can enjoy the award winning attraction in a safe and secure environment.

Following the success of the initial installation, Tyco undertook the fitting of a fire and security solution to The Core building within the Eden Project which was fully networked with the original system. Due to the complexity and unusual nature of the design, The Core project took over a year of planning and nine months to install. Careful consideration was given to each piece of equipment, including the use of specialist air sampling units and creative design of the speaker layout to cater for the height of the interior space and enable easy maintenance. Integrating the two systems was essential. The main task was to lay cabling from the central control house across the site and into the new Core building.