Tyco have provided a highly sophisticated fire detection system as part of a £300 million development of Forth Valley Royal Hospital in Stirlingshire, Scotland.

During the hospitals development, Tyco worked closely with building service provider Crown House Technologies to design, plan and install the fire system installation. Tyco have installed 28 MX2 211 fire panels, 5300 smoke detectors, 112 loops, 5 MX graph systems and 4 FM200 extinguishing systems.

In addition, over 2500 smoke fire dampers were used throughout the new Forth Valley Royal Hospital. Should a fire occur these dampers would close automatically to stop the spread of smoke gases and fumes into adjacent areas. Usually installed above ceilings, manually opening these vents is a difficult and time consuming task with such a large site. Therefore, Tyco designed an electronic control module to monitor the 2500 dampers on-site so that should a fire be detected these dampers close automatically.

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