One Albert Quay in Cork, Ireland is Tyco’s global headquarters. A new construction on previously derelict ground, it is designed to demonstrate the full range of possibilities smart, connected Internet of Things (IoT) technology can offer across the security, fire prevention, HVAC, building management and facilities management spectrum.

Innovative, integrated technologies, which govern everything from security of access systems to the menu of the in-house restaurant, are deployed across the building’s 170,000 square feet. Making the most of the available data, the IoT systems work in conjunction with each other to provide employees and building visitors with improved health and safety, streamlined building access and real-time updates on key matters including local traffic, parking spaces, lunch menus and room bookings. One Albert Quay points to a smarter future in which connected devices and data gathering will revolutionise routine tasks and provide helpful efficiencies and services.

The Grade A building has also brought new opportunity and investment to the city of Cork. Tyco is on track to build a 500-person workforce and One Albert Quay also plays host to a number of major international companies including PWC, Investec, Arup Engineering, Malware Bytes and Hortonworks helping to boost Cork centre’s reputation as an international business hub.