The open platform of Milestone IP Video Management Software is scalable for the best long term flexibility, allowing Portsmouth City Council to integrate all their disparate systems into one cohesive solution with central, local and remote access relevant to each authority. It also provides the widest choice in hardware used and integrations with intelligent solutions like analytics. Tyco’s expertise ensures the most effective system performance at the right cost.

Tyco, has implemented a phased solution using Milestone XProtect Corporate as the platform - open architecture video management software that allows a best-of-breed mix of surveillance cameras, Integration with other systems and endless scalability.

Video encoders digitise the analogue camera streams for recording in the Milestone 24/7. Tyco’s technical experts have custom-built a special server that epitomises the high technical demands for a large volume live and archived video from more than 1,600 cameras around the city, while meeting the council’s strict budget considerations.