Access Control - Rush University Medical Centre C▪CURE 9000 and victor Unified Security Video

Rush University Medical Center in downtown Chicago has its share of security concerns. Located in the heart of Chicago, Rush has the challenge of being a very open campus within an urban environment that is fraught with crime. After researching his options, Lauris Friedenfelds, Security Director at Rush, chose Software House and Advent Communications to implement the state-of-the-art C▪CURE 9000 and victor Unified systems. Check out how these systems help protect the people and property of this nationally known medical center.

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Access Control Systems

C•CURE 9000 is one of the industry’s most powerful and flexible security management systems. It can monitor events, manage personnel, create reports, display dynamic views, and monitor system activity anywhere in the world directly from a PC using the full C•CURE 9000 client, the web client, or on the move with C•CURE Go mobile app

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