At Johnson Controls we’re committed to creating a great working environment and ensuring that all of our employees have an equal opportunity to progress their careers. Equality plays a crucial role in all of our organisations. It makes good commercial sense too; we believe that our diverse workforce gives us a competitive advantage by reflecting the varied markets we serve.Under new legislation that came into force in April 2017, employers in Britain with more than 250 employees are required to publish a Gender Pay Gap Report on an annual basis.

The Gender Pay Gap Report details:


  • The difference in the mean and median hourly rate of pay for men and women
  • The difference in the mean and median bonus pay received by men and women
  • The percentage of men and women who received a bonus
  • The percentage of men and women employed with reference to four equal quartiles which are divided according to the lowest to highest pay.

It’s important to understand that the Gender Pay Gap is not the same as Equal Pay. Equal Pay measures the pay difference between men and women who carry out the same jobs, similar jobs, or work of equal value.


Johnson Controls has three entities in Britain with at least 250 employees: ADT Fire & Security Plc; Tyco Fire & Integrated Solutions UK Limited and Johnson Controls BE UK Ltd; under the Gender Pay Gap regulations we are required to provide reports for each of these entities.

To view the archived 2017 Gender Pay Gap Report, please click here.

The 2018 Johnson Controls Gender Pay Gap Report can be viewed using the link below.