Retailers must join the dots if they want to survive

To meet the demands of tomorrow’s customers; retailers urgently need to join up customer experience, convenience and operational excellence strategies. Steve Howells, Director at Tyco, discusses how to integrate retail technology solutions in order to future-proof retail businesses.

Click here to watch Steve Howells, Director for Retail, Tyco UK&I, as he answers Alistair Grenner’s questions for Business Reporter.

Today’s retailers require an integrated technology solution across three key areas to ensure they have a joined up strategy and future-proof business model. These are customer experience, customer convenience and operations:

  • CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE: Ensures that retailers have the right interactions, the right product(s) available, in the right place at the right time, and are delivering the entire experience in an innovative way that treats the customer as an individual. An example of this could be in-store interactive mannequins and applications that recognise and understand you, your shopping habits and browsing and purchasing history
  • CUSTOMER CONVENIENCE: To offer easy purchase options including delivery, on demand – when and where the consumer wants it. Customers have high expectations on convenience and require quick, user-friendly check-out options, such as remote payment systems and in-store associates armed with iPads, and flexible delivery, such as click-and-collect that suits them
  • OPERATIONS: Provides retailers with actionable knowledge that allows them to gather and analyse data across all potential customer touchpoints. In turn, enabling them to drive benefits to the customer, such as personalised emails and discounts, and using CCTV video data to understand behaviour during the sales process

In order to succeed, retailers need to be able to maximise the opportunity with consumers. By using integrated solutions to offer a truly personalised, convenient shopping experience across every channel – from the warehouse through to post-sales - retailers can ensure they are embracing the future of the industry and providing consumers with a superior experience.