Tyco provide integrated security solutions to leading financial institutions all over the world; in the US alone, over half are Tyco customers. This gives the company unrivalled insight into both the security challenges and the business demands of the banking sector and brings with it access to a worldwide team of many thousands, with a level of understanding few others can match.

The challenges that the financial sector faces increase almost daily as criminal activity becomes more sophisticated, identity theft and fraud become widespread and on-line security increases. Assets and those liable for them will require protection.

With the explosion of big data, the expanding cloud and other new technologies, Banks and financial institutions’ security and protection is vital. Our layered, multi-technology and integrated approach helps you better control and monitor your installation.

Tyco offer a comprehensive and innovative portfolio of fire protection, security and life safety solutions to meet your specific requirements. Tyco maintenance and service offering will help you significantly reduce negative effects on customer relations and the bottom line.

We design solutions to protect your assets from fire or security breaches. We can also develop solutions for unique environments that exploit our early detection and remote diagnostics technologies.

Our business can offer Banking and Finance solutions incorporating our PA/VA, Intruder, Access Control, Fire Detection, Fire Suppression, Video (CCTV) product ranges and using our Integrated Solutions technology. We also offer Installation & Maintenance solutions.

Tyco Professional Services

Tyco Professional Services’ team consults, analyses, innovates, designs and can deliver our customers with solutions to achieve business goals, such as:

  • Restricted access areas management
  • Compliance with industry regulations
  • Queue management
  • Evacuation plans and processes

This service ensures our customers can reach these goals and better manage their banks.

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Key Elements of a Banking and Finance Solution

  • A single-source solution across all fire protection, security, life safety and communications needs

  • Networked solutions to enable control from a single location

  • Advanced fire detection and suppression solutions

  • Intruder detection to help prevent and detect unauthorised entry

  • Internal and external video surveillance for buildings, open areas and perimeters with networked solutions

  • Visitor management using the latest card-based and biometric technology to protect sensitive areas

  • Integrated intercom/public address systems to help you to secure staff, visitors and public

  • Remote diagnostics for quicker response times, faster panel recovery and reduced of nuisance alarms

  • Expert service to keep your systems up and running with testing and inspection, preventive maintenance, and 24/7 emergency service

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Banking Fire and Security Integrated Solutions
Banking Fire and Security Integrated Solutions

​Banking Fire & Security Integrated Solutions - Protecting Customers, Assets, Staff and Integrity

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Aviva Insurance Case Study
Aviva Insurance Case Study

Global insurance company, Aviva, is a longstanding customer of Tyco and a perfect example of scalable solutions that meet the needs of a national business. As a large national company, Aviva require security service and maintenance of multiple sites across the UK.

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