Tyco fully support safety and security in high security environments such as prisons and police custody suites. Our integrated solutions improve prison safety, support effective management control and enable faster incident response times.

Our business can offer Custodial solutions via our Cell Call, Intruder, Access Control, Fire Detection, PA/VA and Video (CCTV) product ranges. We also offer Installation & Maintenance solutions.

Tyco Professional Services

Tyco Professional Services’ team consults, analyses, innovates, designs and can deliver our customers with solutions to achieve business goals, such as:

  • Restricted access areas management
  • Custodial staff safety management
  • Visitors and detainees safety
  • Evacuation plans and processes
  • Centralisation of all physical fire/security through phased upgrading of legacy systems

This service ensures our customers can reach these goals and better manage their custodial environments.

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Key Elements of a Custodial Solution

  • Our integrated solutions improve prison safety, support effective management control and enable faster incident response times.

  • We provide control room personnel with prison-wide CCTV images, alarm systems, communication systems, perimeter intruder detection systems and real-time status monitoring systems.

  • Our integrated control and monitoring systems provide a full audit record of the status of the prison environment, associated events and actions taken by personnel.

  • Our perimeter detection systems give the earliest warning of intrusion or escape attempts while simultaneously ensuring that false alarms are virtually eliminated.

  • Our access control systems are designed to permit authorised movement into and within the site, whilst denying entry to unwanted visitors.

  • The use of our CCTV solutions is widely accepted as a deterrent to disruptive behaviour. Visitors and detainees can be monitored in corridors, landings, communal areas as well as outside the building and footage can provide vital evidence.

  • We also provide sophisticated interview suites CCTV systems enabling viable and quality evidential support to investigations.

  • In the event of an attack, our affray and general alarm systems allow staff to be able to summon assistance quickly and to the right location.

  • Our tamper-resistant cell call systems are designed to manage the challenging task of communication between staff and detainees. Tyco’s sophisticated systems can provide for the vital, and, in some cases, life-critical communications.

  • Our robust in-cell fire detection solutions enable custody staff to ensure the safety of those in custody.

  • Expert service to keep your systems up and running with testing and inspection, preventive maintenance, and 24/7 emergency service.

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